Good and Bad in the context of your organisation

Good and bad are always  subjective matters. What you see as good may not be seen as good by your colleague or by your manager. If you are a young startup, deciding what’s good and bad could be a pressing issue

What if I told you that good and bad can be defined objectively? That it can be defined in a universal way. Wouldn’t that solve the problem?

Note : Good in the context of this post does not speak about quality of work 🙂

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The common business goal

Each and every functioning business in this world wants to grow.It could be revenue, the number of employees, customer satisfaction or even expanding into new verticals. Either way,we can agree that businesses have a tendency to grow and become better in some aspect tomorrow, than it is today.

 Every business wants to reach their goals!

What is Good?

Many companies are embracing the open culture.No micromanagement, no nitpicking, only a set of Do’s and Dont’s to guide your way through the job.Even though the open culture gives the opportunity to do more than just your job, identifying and understanding what you should do could be a challenge.

We can overcome this by identifying anything  that promotes, enhances, oraccelerates the movement towards reaching your business goals, as good.

What is Bad?

This is easily understood than good. But somehow there are instances where there is only a fine line between good and bad, and often times we tend to do a few bad things without understanding they are actually bad.We might come across instances where it could be confusing to understand what not to do.

We can think of anything that inhibits, impedes, or prevents the movement towards reaching your business goals, as bad.

Understanding the Impact

The mechanism of identifying good and bad is not complete if we cannot think of the impact of an action.( measuring rules!!)

Let’s think there is a certain thing you need to do and is struggling to make a decision, Ask yourself this question.

What if everyone did this thing? Would that help us towards reaching the goals? or would it hold us back?”

If the answer is ‘yes” go for it 🙂

The best part of this thinking process is that we know why it’s good or bad, rather just knowing its good or bad.

Note: The objective description of good and bad was inspired by Shantaram, one of the most thought provoking books I have come across.

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