The Recruiters Guide To Digital Marketing – Part 1

Recruiters are often challenged when trying to acquire the right candidate. Job sites such as, or even are few of the popular sites that are known to help with the recuritment process. These sites are frequented by job seekers of all kinds. The audience is very broad and might not exactly get the attention of the target audince you want. Most of these sites feature an Ad but does not redirect the traffic to your website, to a page of your choice.

How exactly can you over come all this? Yeap. Digital Marketing 🙂

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Good and Bad in the context of your organisation

Good and bad are always  subjective matters. What you see as good may not be seen as good by your colleague or by your manager. If you are a young startup, deciding what’s good and bad could be a pressing issue

What if I told you that good and bad can be defined objectively? That it can be defined in a universal way. Wouldn’t that solve the problem?

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