Is Email dead??

Why is this topic important. Isn’t email a bit too old for this decade?

Well, it is 2015 and it is true that there are lot more exciting digital channels  in abundance. However, email has not yet run its course.It is in fact very healthy and recently listed  email marketing as a very valuable nurturing tool that is consumed via all devices and is  extremely measurable.

Check out these Stats


– There are over 4.35billion email accounts accounts. This figure is predicted to reach 5.59 billion by 2019 which is a growth of more than 26% – Radicati Group (2015)

– There are 2.586 billion email users worldwide, including both business and consumer users. – Radicatti Group (2015)

– 122,500,453,020 emails are sent every hour. – MarketingProfs (2014)

Well email certainly isn’t dead.So let’s see how we can make the best of it.

How to Acquire E-Mail Subscribers

Be Human : Give them something in return for their email.Websites such as offer valuable content in return for the users email addresses.This is a win-win situation where the user gets free content and the business expands their subscriber list that helps to promote their products and services.

Be Thoughtful : Give the user the option to opt in for news and updates along their purchasing process.This is a no-brainer ,but is something that is often overlooked.Also Have a clear CTA(Call to Action) asking the user to subscribe on your most frequently visited pages.

Be Persuasive : Add a Subscribe form interrupter that will pop up.The best is to have it popped up when the user’s cursor is close to the exit button or when they leave the page.setting up the interrupter in such a way  that will not disturb  the user experience, but will be able to collect the emails of the users. Click Here for some creative subscribe forms that you could get a few ideas for your forms.

 How to Engage your E-Mail Subscribers

Welcome them : Automate a welcome email.Have a clear and a simple call to action that is relevant and related to what the user was looking for.

Be Casual : How would you like to be addressed?By you 1st name or by your last name with Mr/Mrs ?.Emails are something personal.Keep in mind the user has trusted you with their email address for you to send relevant related information that will make the customers life be their friend.address them by their 1st name.Make sure the “sent address” and the “to address” are both personal addresses .Make sure the user does not feel that he is interacting with a bot or that he is only a very insignificant part of a mass marketing campaign.Subscribers play a key role in your business,keep them happy and make sure not to spam them.

Pick Up lines :  A good pickup line is all you need to start a conversation and engage with them.Same rules apply for subject lines.Use relevant keywords in your subject.To mention the brand in the subject works for certain brand to increase open rates and for some it does not.A/B test what subject lines works best for you and implement.

Know Them : If you have a tool in place that will help you identify the content the subscriber has engaged with ,make sure to send them related content that might help them find what they are looking for.Do email campaigns with offers to upsell or cross sell based on the content that have been constantly looked at.

Be Helpful : Make sure to simplify what ever the process you want the subscriber to engage in .For example lets assume that you are sending out a webinar mailer.have a link that will help them find the local time of the webinar.

Entertain them : What better feeling than to wake up to a “Congragulations! you just won two Pink Floyd concert tickets” message in you inbox.gamification is something that makes us all get excited and hyped up.Games are addictive and the trick is to make sure the addiction is directly related to the brand and the users engagement.May it be collecting bottle caps of your brand or taking a selfie with a product of your brand etc etc.This is good a practice to bring in along with a launch of a new product or a service to get a lot of organic visibility for the brand.Such campaigns can also be used to reactivate your inactive and idle subscribers.

Segment Them :  Segment them according to your buisness.If you are a clothing store gender and age are two very important segmentations. A few popular segmentation criterias are according to Geography,Age, Gender, Organization Type, Industry,Job Function, Seniority Level,Past Purchases,Purchase Interests,Buying Frequency,Content Topic,Education Level,Customers,Non Customer etc. Having relevant segmentation will help you develop relevant marketing campaigns for the relevant segment.

Measuring you Email Performance

I will go deeper in to measuring email performance in my next post.but for now ,lets take a look at what certain words in the email marketing space mean and what they actually measure.

Open Rate : This is the key indicator of how good you subject line was.Low Open Rates can also mean that the emails are not send during a suitable day or the time.This can also be a reflection of quality of the content at the top,which is seen by people in the previews.

open rate = emails opened/(emails sent-bounces)

Click Through Rate : This shows how relevant and interesting your content ,template and CTA’s were.A low CTR could be due to irrelevant content.This can also be due to the absence of a clear CTA.

click through rate = #of click thorughs/#of emails delivered

Unsubscribe Rate : This indicates how relevant the content that you are sending to the subscriber.If you spam the user with irrelvant content you would be able to see a growth of unsubscribe rate.

unsubscribe rate = #unsubscribe/#of emails delivered

One tiny important thing before I leave you here.

– Always, Always have a landing page corresponding and dedicated to you email campaigns.

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