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Increase Engagement of your Web Visitors

What is Engagement?

Before we get started on on how to increase engagement, I believe it’s very important for any digital marketer to clearly understand what engagement means.It certainly is not a metric.

Is it low bounce rate? Higher number of page views?Increased time on site?We can go on and on, looking at various metrics trying to define what engagement is.But in reality, what engagement means for each business/website is different, it could even mean different things for different sections of the website.

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Content Analysis to optimize conversions

Content! Content! Content!

Content marketers tend to create content for various reasons.The key reason is to actually help the customer find what they want.Good content also impacts your overall search engine ranking and can immensely help your website to get ranked higher for a specific keywords.I will leave this conversation for another day and dive straight into the matter at hand.

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