Here’s How Mark Zuckerberg Got 1.23 Billion People Hooked on Facebook on a Daily Basis

1.23 Billion Daily Active Users! Yep, that’s one-seventh of the entire world’s population. That’s the number people on Facebook everyday, including you and me.

But why do we do it? How did Zuckerberg end up creating something so captivating? Is it out of habit that we check Facebook? How did he firmly embed these habits onto a platform?

Can we also create products that will be used out of habit? Let’s take a closer look at his well-oiled machine.

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The Recruiters Guide To Digital Marketing – Part 1

Recruiters are often challenged when trying to acquire the right candidate. Job sites such as, or even are few of the popular sites that are known to help with the recuritment process. These sites are frequented by job seekers of all kinds. The audience is very broad and might not exactly get the attention of the target audince you want. Most of these sites feature an Ad but does not redirect the traffic to your website, to a page of your choice.

How exactly can you over come all this? Yeap. Digital Marketing 🙂

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Good and Bad in the context of your organisation

Good and bad are always  subjective matters. What you see as good may not be seen as good by your colleague or by your manager. If you are a young startup, deciding what’s good and bad could be a pressing issue

What if I told you that good and bad can be defined objectively? That it can be defined in a universal way. Wouldn’t that solve the problem?

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Increase Engagement of your Web Visitors

What is Engagement?

Before we get started on on how to increase engagement, I believe it’s very important for any digital marketer to clearly understand what engagement means.It certainly is not a metric.

Is it low bounce rate? Higher number of page views?Increased time on site?We can go on and on, looking at various metrics trying to define what engagement is.But in reality, what engagement means for each business/website is different, it could even mean different things for different sections of the website.

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Content Analysis to optimize conversions

Content! Content! Content!

Content marketers tend to create content for various reasons.The key reason is to actually help the customer find what they want.Good content also impacts your overall search engine ranking and can immensely help your website to get ranked higher for a specific keywords.I will leave this conversation for another day and dive straight into the matter at hand.

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Is Email dead??

Why is this topic important. Isn’t email a bit too old for this decade?

Well, it is 2015 and it is true that there are lot more exciting digital channels  in abundance. However, email has not yet run its course.It is in fact very healthy and recently listed  email marketing as a very valuable nurturing tool that is consumed via all devices and is  extremely measurable.

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